From the initial diagnosis Ilaria felt the obligation and potentially life-saving impact of sharing her story –  her fight with breast cancer.



Faced with a shocking diagnosis of breast cancer, Ilaria Montagnani had to put her philosophy that “Exercise Makes You Stronger for Life” to the test as never before. For an athlete such as Ilaria – whose identity and livelihood rely on her physical abilities – it was life-threatening as it jeopardized her ability to work, her passion and the motivation of her life. Since she was first diagnosed, Ilaria felt an obligation, and recognized the value and potential life-saving impact of sharing her story.

Stronger for Life® documents Ilaria’s fight against this disease and how she embodies her philosophy that a disciplined commitment to strengthening our bodies fortifies our hearts, our minds and our spirit, too; one that reminds us that while life can be hard, we can be strong. With this film,we aim to give those suffering from cancer and their families inspiration – and to give everyone the motivation to keep fighting despite challenges we face in life.


Through generous donations during our initial crowdfunding efforts, we raised $80,000 (Kickstarter + Network for Good). Now, filming is complete, and we are seeking funds to support editing, post production expenses and legal expenses. With a dynamic and passionate team, and your generous donations, we expect the film to be finished by the end of 2018 and ready for distribution and outreach.

We want that what you will see in this film – the ups and the downs – to inspire you and others to take care of your health, that it is okay to be vulnerable and know that there is strength in that, and more importantly we want to encourage everyone to continue training to keep themselves strong, healthy, listen to their bodies and check in with their doctors – because education and early detection of cancer could save your life.


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