Powerstrike Kickboxing is the revolutionary workout that started it all.

The company's original, namesake program was the first to embody Powerstrike's guiding principle: The body trains the mind.

Powerstrike Kickboxing combines martial arts and fitness aerobics into a heart-pumping, energizing hour of choreographed punches and kicks. Guided through multiple series of repetitive martial arts moves, students are encouraged to exceed physical limits to realize inner potential.

Named "Best Workout" by New York and Shape, and "Best Kickboxing Video" by Health, this popular, fast-paced workout has drawn thousands of fitness enthusiasts from around the world. Powerstrike Kickboxing emphasizes proper execution of martial arts movements, making it safe for all levels.

For those who want a high-intensity experience, Powerstrike Kickboxing allows students to maintain their target heart rate throughout 90 percent of the workout.